The New York Times about an uncertain dispute about publishing a report of Homes & Gardens (1938) in the internet:

"... The episode is an object lesson in the topsy-turvy world of copyright and "fair use", an area made far murkier by the distributive power of the Internet and the subsequent crisscrossing of international legal codes. ..."

And about the report: "... It was 65 years ago last week that the British prime minister, Neville Chamberlain, arrived at Hitler's mountain lair to discuss the Nazis' planned annexation of Czechoslovakia's Sudetenland — a meeting that would lead, two weeks later, to the Munich agreement and Chamberlain's announcement that he had secured "peace for our time".

The seeds of Chamberlain's conclusion may have been planted in the cozy confines of Hitler's "pine-paneled study" — perhaps with the prime minister seated in a striking armchair upholstered in a dainty floral pattern. ..."

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Zusammenfassung: Bericht der NYT über die Veröffentlichung eines Artikels der britischen Zeitschrift Homes & Gardens über Hitlers Landsitz aus dem Jahre 1938 im Internet, daraus folgende historische Mutmaßungen über einen Besuch in Deutschland und urheberrechtliche Verwicklungen - und einige weiterführende Links hierzu.

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